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Your access to three weekly mentorship calls, leadership DISC behavioral analysis, private Facebook group, guest speakers, archived calls, exclusive content, discount course pricing, bonus resources, and more...

As a member of this program you will have personal access to your Mentorship Community focused on, Agile, Coaching, and Leadership. This community will raise your leadership ability, equipping you to develop your coaching, facilitation, and leadership skills to a much higher level, increasing your effectiveness and influence. You will be part of a dynamic and growing peer community, participate in weekly calls, receive exclusive proven content, and access to discounted online courses.

The Leaders Factor is proud to be part of The John Maxwell Team – an exclusive training organization developing elite coaches, teachers, speakers and professionals, who use their leadership training, talents and skills to add value to people all over the world. Inc. Magazine voted John Maxwell as the #1 leadership and management expert in the world! Globally, we are a community of over 20,000 team members strong reaching 160 countries. All Leaders Factor coaches are John Maxwell Certified, Coach, Speakers, and Teachers at the Executive Director Level. As such they are experienced, licensed, and trained, to deliver and support world class, proven, John Maxwell leadership content to you and your organization.

There is a commonality in highly successful people.
 Highly successful people ALL have regular access to mentors!

I’m speaking to you from personal experience. I have not one, but five mentors I speak with every week. I spend a healthy five-figures a year investing in mentorship for myself. Mentorship has changed my life and I want the same experience for you. Remember, nobody has achieved anything of great significance alone! Do not miss this opportunity. This is a must-have, not a nice to have. 

If you desire to be a successful person then you have to take this step. I promise, you will thank me for this encouragement when you have made this decision. Learn more about my mentors...

Is it your desire to be an Agile Coach someday?

Do you have a roadmap to success for becoming a coach? Do you think an agile coach is having advanced agile knowledge and experience? Would you like the benefit of participation in a community of shared experience?

There is always someone in the background of significant and successful people. Nothing of great significance is ever accomplished alone. Even those who might appear to be “self-made” didn’t do it alone.


Think about it, if you’re going to improve on your existing results, will you be able to do it with the level of thinking that got you to where you are now? So, what's wrong with the level of your thinking? Very likely nothing... other than it is limited by your unique experience and your personal awareness. You will need someone to stretch you! In both sports and business, that person is often referred to as a coach or mentor. 

Common Objections

Value Delivered

Gut Check Time!

Do you believe in yourself?

Are you willing to invest in yourself?

Are you ready to go to the next step of development in yourself?

Are You Ready to be a Mentee?

Risk Free!

Why be in a Mentorship Program?

Why should you be in a mentorship program?

Mentoring is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills mentees can learn from mentors, but also because mentoring provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success. I have five mentors I speak with every week. Remember, we cannot do anything of great significance alone. To reach your potential you, like myself, need to be in a mentorship program. I am blessed to have experienced tremendous guidance from various mentors throughout my life.


What is a mentor relationship?

Your mentor is your confidant, who stretches your thinking and exposes the limiting beliefs that are responsible for holding you back. However, at the end of the day, YOU have to make your own choices. Your mentor isn’t there to direct you. Your mentor is there to coach and believe in you. A mentor will hold the belief in you until you gain the confidence to believe in yourself. Are you ready to become a mentee? Ask yourself the following questions;

  • Are you willing to change?
  • Are you ready to be transparent?
  • Are you ready and willing to be "uncomfortable" in order to grow?
  • Are you willing to stick with it and NOT cheat the process?
  • Will you practice, follow-thru and apply what you learn?
  • Are you willing to make mistakes in order to learn and grow?
  • You likely work 160 hours a month. Are you willing to invest the average earnings from just one of those hours into your professional growth?



The community is one of the fastest growing professional communities today. Are you ready to be the best? Are you  looking to learn new facilitation techniques? Is it your desire to advance your role someday? Do you have the support you need to reach this goal? Do you have a roadmap to success for becoming a coach? Do you think an agile coach is having advanced agile knowledge and experience? Would you like the benefit of participating in a professional community of shared experience?  Becoming a member of this community will develop your agile, coaching, and leadership, knowledge and experience to a much higher level, empowering you to increase your impact and influence with your teams. Become part of a community of peers and experienced coaches to study coaching and leadership, facilitation and the agile mindset. Ask questions relative to your awareness and learn from collective experience. The scaling frameworks are here ... are you ready? Participate every day in the private Facebook group with your peers and join the mentorship calls with your personal coach. Are you ready to grow? There is so much to learn and experience in order for you to be a truly effective leader. Let's grow together! 

Mentorship Has Privileges 

What is the Program?
As a member of the Mentorship Program you will have access to the following:

  1. Access to the Mentorship Community
  2. Weekly mentorship calls specific to your community
  3. Private Facebook Group to exchange experiences to learn and grow as a community
  4. Archive Calls - Never miss a call. Recordings are always available
  5. Monthly Call Calendar
  6. Guest Speakers
  7. Exclusive content available only to the community
  8. Discounted community pricing for online courses
  9. Resources and exclusive content to propel you forward - Audio, videos, links, tools, etc.

What will the calls be like?

Your mentor will be focused on your success! 

As a mentee, you will want to come prepared with great questions! Your mentor is interested in adding value to you, so you can add value to others. You will want to be intentional about this relationship and be fully engaged. These are conference calls, so many of your peers will also be on the line.


You will have at minimum three (e) live call opportunities each week. We will make best efforts to provide the call opportunities at times convenient to as many people as possible, considering all time zones (morning and afternoon). All calls are scheduled on the calendar relative to east coast time. Once your subscription is active, you will have access to your member area with the calendar, resources, bonus content, and more.


Types of Calls
"There are three types of mentorship calls: teaching calls, Q&A calls, and You Have a Voice Calls. After a noisy welcome, with everyone calling out where they are from, the lines will be muted and the mentoring will begin! During a teaching call, your mentor or a guest speaker will spend the first 15 minutes delivering a short lesson. You will be invited to “join the queue” and be next in line to ask your question. Question and Answer calls will go directly to the queue after the noisy welcome and the session will start. You Have a Voice calls allow you to stretch you wings and present your ideas to teh group for feedback. You will want to jump right in!


Private Facebook Group


We have created this official private Facebook group, associated with your mentorship community, to interact and connect with other community members.  It is our hope and desire to provide a safe and collaborative community to expand upon the learning from the mentorship calls, answer questions, exchange ideas, share resources, experience, wins, and lessons learned.  This community belongs to every member, so let's make the most of the opportunity to respect and add value to one another.

Who Should Attend? 

  • All roles in the Agile community, Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches of every experience level, Release Train Engineers, and team members.
  • All roles in management and leadership. If you are leading others you need to be in this community.
  • Anyone interested in becoming a more effective coach or leader in either their professional or personal life.
  • Change Agents

The Leaders Factor is dedicated to raising your leadership ability. Our focus is to come alongside you on a journey to aligning your leadership ability, with the way you get work done, to reach your full potential.


In these calls together we will raise your awareness and desire to jumpstart your journey to sustainable and continuous improvement by raising your leadership ability



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