My Mentors

I am blessed to have experienced tremendous
from various mentors throughout my life

  • I now have a new level of awareness and experience  

  • Having professional mentors has changed my life

  • I am no longer limited by my own experience

  • It is a privilege to have access to top notch mentors

My mentors are part of the John Maxwell Mentorship Program and Teaching Team and they have all been instrumental in helping me see things differently. Thanks to this team, I now have a new level of understanding and awareness. Having highly respected and successful mentors has dramatically accelerated my ability to coach clients to reach outstanding success. It is a true privilege to have direct access to these top-notch talents for the inevitable challenges and questions. 

The decision to engage in a mentor relationship is one you must make to reach your full potential. Remember, we cannot accomplish anything of significance alone. I simply cannot encourage you enough to find those in your circle of influence, whom you respect and trust, to ask them if they would kindly bless you with a mentor relationship. Having mentors over the last four years has produced positive changes in my life both professionally and personally that I would not have accomplished alone.


I currently have weekly calls with these recognized professionals.  These mentors speak through experience directly into specific areas of my life such as business development, coaching, sales, and public speaking. Being mentored by leaders in your field while collaborating with your peers for lessons learned is extremely powerful. 

  • Mark Cole, CEO of the John Maxwell Company
    • Leadership Mentor
    • Mark serves as my guide to developing myself into a better leader, as he mentors me through the Maxwell Method of Leadership.
  • Paul Martinelli, President John Maxwell Team
    • Business Development Mentor
    • Paul has started and built 4 multi-million dollar companies and acts as my thinking partner for business and personal growth.
  • Christian Simpson, Maxwell Staff Coaching Lane
    • Coaching Mentor
    • For more than a decade, Christian has trained thousands of 
people in over 120 countries to the highest standard
 in the professional coaching industry.
  • Chris Robinson, Maxwell Staff Selling Lane
    • Sales Mentor
    • As an executive coach with vast real-world corporate 
experience, Chris has influenced the lives of thousands 
of executives worldwide, from young professionals
 to top executives of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Roddy Galbraith, Maxwell Staff Speaking Lane
    • Speaking Mentor
    • Over the last 10 years, Roddy has had the privilege of
 partnering with some of the biggest names in the
 speaking business. He has spoken around the world, sharing the stage
 with some of the world’s best speakers.
 Roddy spends time with me every week to help me understand how I can take my speaking skills to the next level.

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